Identity: The fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

A seemingly simple statement but it is who you are, where you are from and where you are going. Therefore the importance of it can’t be explained but only felt.

"Be the designer. Let your genetic markers shape your unique jewelry."

Step 1: You and the designer

DDNA offers the ultimate personalization by making use of a DNA driven design method. DNA analysis makes it possible to read the unique genetic markers which define who you are. We use these markers to guide the creation of a piece which reflects you. In other words, your DNA will influence the shape of your chosen core collection piece, resulting in a one of a kind jewel. 

To start creating your personalized piece first choose your favorite jewelry from one of our curated core collections, then continue by clicking the personalize button. You have now chosen the foundation on which we build your truly unique piece.

Step 2: You and the object

Once you have chosen your desired piece, DDNA will personally contact you to discuss your wishes and start guiding the process of creation. 

For the personalization of your piece, DDNA collaborates with Verilabs to acquire your unique genetic markers. You will receive your DNA sample kit from DDNA and after a simple cheek swab you can send your DNA sample directly back to Verilabs, using the return ticket included in the package. Your genetic markers are used to transform the design of your chosen core collection piece, into your one-of-a kind personalized jewelry piece. 

To create your unique piece, DDNA combines true craftsmanship with state of the art fabrication methods. It is our pleasure to keep you informed throughout the process of creation.

Step 3: You and your identity

Once your piece is ready to leave our atelier you will receive an email regarding your shipping and delivery details. Please be aware that due to the design and manufacturing process of your unique DDNA piece, you can expect to receive your piece within 4-6 weeks.

You may contact us at any moment concerning your order.